Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pyramid Saimira’s “Rekha .I.P.S” completes 300 episodes on Kalaigner TV

If there is a serial courageously depicting daring deeds of a heroine in today’s small screen, it is none other than “Rekha.I.P.S” on Kalaigner TV. This out of the routine drama has now successfully reached 300 episodes, an immense achievement in today’s competitive TV industry.

Rekha, armed with a keen sense of honesty and sincerity to her job takes on the scrupulous villain, Maasi. A time comes when Rekha is commissioned to give protection to Maasi who wins a Ministerial position in the Government. Rekha’s sister Vasanthi, belonging to a revolutionary group, embarks on missions to murder Maasi for revenge. Ironically, Rekha is in a situation to protect Maasi from the futile gang of terrorists, to which Vasanthi belongs as well as protect her protect her relationship with her own sister.

In the meantime, Sandhya, married to Maasi’s brother faces torture from her in-laws. Rekha on a humanitarian basis tries to help Sandhya too. How does Rekha travel between her estranged sister’s quest for revenge and the incessant torment rendered by Maasi? Does a Sandhya escape from domestic squabble towards a new life? “Rekha .I.P.S” keeps riding high on its success with such interesting turning points.

Subhaa Venkat, Creative Head of Pyramid Saimira Group, says, “When many serials portray their protagonist as weeping family oriented women, we defied that image and etched out a bold heroine devoid of tears. That’s the reason behind the success of this mega”. She adds, “The change of taste in viewers’ appreciation for TV content is also a reason for “Rekha.I.P.S” s victory”.

This mega serial is aired on Kalaigner TV from Monday to Friday from 6.30-7.00.P.M. The star cast includes Anu Hasan, Pollachi Babu, V.S. Raghavan, Afsar Babu, Priyatharhsini, Vijay Adhiraj, Krithika, Sri Lekha and Baboos.

Story: Chitra Laxmanan,
Screenplay: Thavamani Vaseegaran
Dialogue: R.N.R. Manohar
Cinematography: Thyagarajan
Direction: O.N. Rathnam
Creative Head: Subhaa Venkat

Don’t miss,
From Monday to Friday
On Kalaigner TV
At 6.30.P.M
“Rekha .I.P.S”


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